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Global for elevators & escalators S.A.E was established in 2002. It is a joint-stock company. Global one of the company specializes in supplying, installation, maintenance of elevators and escalators with its specialized experience of more than thirty years in this field. Global has succeeded being one of the most important commercially represented companies in Egypt due to its high quality services provided to its clients and after soles.
Global is the sole agent of Orona, the Spanish elevator company established in 1964 that was awarded ISO 90W, ISO 9002.
Orona is one of the most important elevators manufacturers around the world as it is the 1st company in the sector worldwide certified on ECO-Design - IS014006.

Orona in manufacturing all kinds of elevators for serving the following fields:
Low rise commercial & residential building.
Transport & public building.
Commercial segment.
Heavy loads.
Health & medical
Existing building.
Lift replacement

In addition to excellence in finding solution to untraditional shafts. Thus clients always finds appropriate solutions for all kinds of shaft, through dealing with Global; ORONA's agent.
Orona Company is number one in Europe in terms if the ability to produce complete lifts it produces almost 20,000 elevators annually and there are most than 180,000 elevators Orona worldwide.
Global is acting as a distributer for major companies working in manufacturing all kinds of elevators with special specifications like Doppler (Greece company), BKG (German company) & SJEC (Chinese company)